Thursday, February 21, 2008

Pucker Up

I don't know, honestly. But anyways, I thought it looked nifty.

Midsummer Night's Dream - WIP II

Continuation. Actually got this far after maybe two days. Spent roughly three hours or so just painting on a saturday morning. The colors are kind've insanely bright, and not what I wanted. Meant to do a pale, pastely-wispy colored thing so it would seem sort of dream like or something. Didn't come out quite how I intended, whoops...

Summer Night's Dream - WIP I

My next painting. I've actually already finished it, just didn't manage to put the WIP shots up before I was done. I didn't feel like putting their faces in, before someone asks. This is another watercolor painting, just on heavy paper this time to hopefully skip the warping.


Finished this a week or two ago. Finally decided on a title, too, though I'm still not super happy with what I decided on. Dancer's Light.

This came out better then I expected, but the paper warped like crazy from the mass amount of layering I did with the watercolors. Booo.