Monday, February 7, 2011

ANTWERP - Sint Lucas

As people who have me on facebook are aware(Or should be aware. I've been blabbering on about it for months now), I am now in Antwerp, Belgium, having officially started the student exchange program with the Karel de Grote school, aka Sint Lucas of Antwerp, through Ringling College.

Antwerp is a beautiful city. So many things to see and explore. The students in my classes are all nice and perfectly willing to humor the silly American and speak English for me. Though I'm attempting to learn dutch, it's a very slow process.

Anyways. Right now I don't have any illustration stuff to show, since I don't have anything for the first project yet(First assignment is designing illustrations for booklets on the dutch language.) All I have so far really are some figure drawings, which I need some serious work on. Blech. All of these are between two minutes and I think fifteen minutes. Poses so far have never been more then twenty minutes(No three day poses here!)

Sketchbook - First Semester

I just realized that I haven't put any of my sketchbook pages up, either. Here are some better ones from the sketchbook I filled most of first semester this year.


Another assignment from Dunnick's illustration class last semester. Currently in Belgium, will detail more shortly.

This assignment had to be a three or five panel sequential piece, with some sort of "plot twist" in the final panel. I had a couple ideas, one being the easy route with a man seeing some hot babe in the crowd, she turns around and it's a drag queen. But then I decided to abuse my poor birds... Think of this as the prequel for "Fuzz." Where do you think that floating feather came from, eh? Eh?

Not the most intricate piece I've done. But I think it's cute.