Thursday, October 14, 2010


FUZZ! Yeah. So. I have an obsession with bright colored objects, feathers, pretty much anything parrot related. There's a fairly prestigious art show at Ringling called Illest of Ill, in which all illustration majors, sophomores, juniors and seniors submit up to three pieces of their best work, and if they're accepted they're shown off in an art show for two weeks.

I made this piece specifically with Illest of Ill in mind, and it turns out it got accepted, WHOOO! :) So I'll be dressing up all nice and fancy tomorrow night for the show. My excitement knows no bounds.

UPDATE! "Fuzz" was also accepted at TeeFury and will be made into a t-shirt! I don't know when it'll happen, but when it does it will be up for sale for a total of only 24 HOURS for $9.00 before they take it off the sale market. If you also go to, you can vote on my piece for one full week. If it gets enough good scores, it may win and I could get a cash prize, and the shirt will always be up for sale on the website. GO GO GO!

UPDATE. AGAIN. Several hundred "Fuzz" shirts sold on teefury, it got the "Hot like me![Pancakes]" stamp. No luck with it on Threadless though, no biggie though :)

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Fire and Ice

My most recently finished piece for Illustration class with Dunnick. We had about two weeks, give or take, to depict the phrase "Fire and Ice." That's all we were given, so I'm intrigued to see what the rest of the class did(Critique is tomorrow). The concept behind mine was an eskimo lit by firelight from below, with a snow/ice covered parka.

The light on her face didn't come out quite the shade I wanted it too, it doesn't look too fiery. Maybe more like she has one of those giant electric lantern things. Hmm... Eskimos are getting pretty tech savvy these days, aren't they...?

The skin tones also look warmer in the close up after you click. Not sure why.

Monday, October 11, 2010


So turns out, I won't be at Ringling College next semester. Or in the state of Florida. Or even in the United States. At all. WHOO!

I applied(And got accepted to!) Ringling's foreign exchange program with an art school in Antwerp, Belgium, known as Sint Lucas Antwerpen. They're sort of a sister(ish?) school to Ringling, though it's a recent development. This is only the second year they've done exchange stuff with Ringling, so it isn't the most organized of things as of yet.

Ignoring that, though, I am SUPER STUPIDLY RIDICULOUSLY EXCITED ohmygoshhegioskgsd. Yeah. Uh. Right. Done having my silly little girl freak out moment. Anyways.

I'll be there all next semester starting in January, coming back sometime in early to mid May. I'm really excited, new city, new language, new school, new PEOPLE! Admittedly I'll probably be having my fair share of freak out moments as the time to go gets closer, and obviously home sickness once I arrive. But that's what skype's for, right? And the telephone. It'll be an awesome experience though, I can't wait to go :)

Fire, Anyone?

Again, from illustration class with Dunnick. Third project this semester, whoo! Anyways, the assignment for this was that we were given the twelve months of the year, and each month had one of the twelve gods of the Greek pantheon assigned to it. The task was to design a square illustration to be the image for the month.

There were a couple interesting ideas I flipped through(Poseidon was assigned to Febuary, Hestia to April, I believe Zeus was January?). I went with December though, which has the smithing god Hephaestus assigned to it. Hephaestus was the god of smithing, forges, weapons, fire, blacksmiths, etc. He was also the god that forged the lightning bolts Zeus used in battle. (I'm a mythology buff. It actually came in handy for one with an assignment.)

So what was the first thing that popped into my tiny little brain? Hephaestus hammering away at a giant glowing candy cane, his workshop decorated with Christmas paraphernalia. I also realize the irony of a Greek god paired with a Christian holiday.

I like how parts of it came out, especially the Christmas lights, but I can see lots of improvements I could make. Especially on his face. It's kinda sorta creepy. Eeehhhhagdnosdbfsc.


Project from illustration class this year with Regan Dunnick. The assignment was to make five 5x8in portraits, in five seperate medias. I'm sort of blah about some of them, but other's I'm moderately pleased with.

I actually made six portraits, though only four are up. The other two were in ink and crayon, and of the two, one looks absolutely horrible. The other is alright, but I guess I lost the scanned file somewhere? I'll get the decent one up at some point.

Digital - Copic markers - Watercolor - Acryllic

...Sparkle Sparkle?

Random sort-of-collaboration/sketch trade with Kendra during a class. She doodled me as a faery, and I colored it via photoshop. I must say, we make a spantastic team, don't we? The second image is a sphinx I drew for her in exchange. Whoo. I must say, I enjoyed doing this one, since I got to search through lots of images of kittens tangled up in yarn. Ridiculously cute.

She also drew me a gypsy too, which looks SUPER COOL eqgdhoisawnsfogi. But I haven't had a chance to scan or color it yet. Aww...

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Movie Poster

Another assignment from illustration with Barker, sophomore year. The assignment was to design a movie poster, with a recognizable actor(I think I failed in that respect), for a fairy tale, but depict it in a different way that hasn't been done before(Our example was the new Alice in Wonderland movie.)

So I decided to go more along the humorous route, and went with Goldylocks, with the entire concept coming from the first tagline I came up with: "Goldy's goin' bear hunting."

Music Poster

From Gary Barker's illustration class sophomore year. The assignment was to pick a band you liked, and illustrate a music poster for them that reflects them and their style. So, one of my favorite groups being the Hush Sound, I went a little bit simple with it. I'm happy enough with how it came out though.