Friday, September 17, 2010

Just keep swimming

MORE OLD STUFF. Sort've old. Last year old. Yeah. Okay. This is one of my pieces from illustration media with Don Brandes. The assignment was to pick an aquatic creature and illustrate it using only ink. So I decided to be ambitious and go with the deep sea glass squid, because they're adorable little buggers. Anyways.

I don't remember how long this took me, but it was a pain in the butt throughout the process. Probably millions of little, 3-5cm hatch marks cover all of it, and trying to figure out how to depict transparency too was difficult. But for the most part I like how it came out :)

Thursday, September 16, 2010

I do believe in faeries!

Project from illustration class last semester with Gary Barker. We had to pick a magazine that uses illustrations, then make an illustration that caters to their subject. So I went with the faery magazine. Somewhat appropriate and amusing at the same time...

Painted it with watercolors, and I did a little bit of retouching in photoshop after scanning it in.

Faery Magazine - Finished


Two more from sophomore year figure class. 75min on the left one, and 60min on the right one. Both in ink. I have an obsession with ink.



Another figure drawing from last year. 60min in ink again, with a clothed model this time though. Her costume wasn't actually quite that piratey, I kinda sorta just added onto it though... Sky captain much?

Sky Pirates...?

Figures! (And gestures, oh my!)

Another figure drawing from last year. 20min with a regular old bic pen. They're super nifty and really neat to draw with, and super duper cheap. It's a win-win situation for an art kid. Then there are some simple little five minute gestures, also in ink.


Blowing off the dust...

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Yeah, so, unfortunately I've been a terrible blogger and haven't really done much with this page in the past two years or so. Which is a terrible shame, and I plan to remedy this. I am now going into my junior year at Ringling College of Art and Design as an illustration major, and I have a lot of stuff to show from the past two years, and hopefully even more from this oncoming year. So be prepared for a bunch of posts showcasing some stuff from the past few months, and then I'll start getting into what I'm working on right now. Sound good? Good!

I'll just start off by tossing out some figure gestures and drawings from last year. The first one is done with white conte crayon on gray scale paper. Annndd, GO.