Monday, October 11, 2010


So turns out, I won't be at Ringling College next semester. Or in the state of Florida. Or even in the United States. At all. WHOO!

I applied(And got accepted to!) Ringling's foreign exchange program with an art school in Antwerp, Belgium, known as Sint Lucas Antwerpen. They're sort of a sister(ish?) school to Ringling, though it's a recent development. This is only the second year they've done exchange stuff with Ringling, so it isn't the most organized of things as of yet.

Ignoring that, though, I am SUPER STUPIDLY RIDICULOUSLY EXCITED ohmygoshhegioskgsd. Yeah. Uh. Right. Done having my silly little girl freak out moment. Anyways.

I'll be there all next semester starting in January, coming back sometime in early to mid May. I'm really excited, new city, new language, new school, new PEOPLE! Admittedly I'll probably be having my fair share of freak out moments as the time to go gets closer, and obviously home sickness once I arrive. But that's what skype's for, right? And the telephone. It'll be an awesome experience though, I can't wait to go :)

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