Monday, November 12, 2007

Muse of... Photography?

Yeah, so I decided to upload some photos I've taken.

"War Pidgeon"

During my school's senior trip to DC, me and some other kids started going photo-nutty with the pidgeons. I just happen to have extraordinarily amazing timing. So this one is called "War Pidgeon." Mmhm. Right.

"In Motion"

A picture of my friend, Jessica, who is on my school's equestrian riding team. I am completely lacking in a good title for this, so just "In Motion," because I'm just braindead like that.

"Stretch Them Legs"

Some of the girls from the school volleyball team stretching and warming up before practice. Uhm, totally imaginative title right there. Oh yeah.

"Round of Children"

The little kids' merry-go-round at the downtown mall, on a day it was full of kids. Totally in love with this photo, BY THE WAY. :]

That's all for now. Will HOPEFULLY have more soon! Apologies for the slow updating.

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