Thursday, January 31, 2008

Adventures of Ellie the Elephant

So this may or may not seem crazy random, but yeah. My recent photo assignment was to shoot a roll, or 24 pictures give or take, of one subject from different angles and in different settings. So I used my old stuffed elephant, Ellie(shut up, I was two when I got her), as my subject for most of them. I borrowed my music teacher's toy elephant, which I have thus named Edward, for some other ones.

I'm not putting all of the pictures up, only these three, which are a few of the best though I don't like the one with Edward, the green elephant, as much. These my photo teacher decided were the best to put up.



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Vivian said...

the last one is just too cute awww... haha don't be ashamed of having stuffed animals! theyre awesome ;)