Thursday, April 10, 2008

New Clothing Line?

New clothing line in the making? Mebbe. Not likely. But certainly easier to buy a $6 t-shirt and customize it then a simply designed $26 t-shirt

A shirt I got from the school store. There's a store that has alot of t-shirts I like, but I don't feel like paying over $20 for something I can do myself. So, the panda actually isn't my design, it's the design on one of the store shirts. But it's for me, so oh well

This is the left sleeve of my Ringling sweatshirt. For an art school, they have really boring sweatshirts, but I suppose there's a reason for that since it's a bunch of artists. So I drew a chinese dragon, and the symbol at the bottom is the chinese character for dragon. I'm gonna be doing a chinese phoenix on the other sleeve

I've actually started another painting, but the picture I took of the sketch kinda sort've sucks. Big time. No amount of photo-shopping could get it to look right, so apologies.

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Charles the Third said...

Lawl @ Sweatshirts in Florida. I hope you don't expect to use it more then 3 months of the year :P