Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Editorial; Urban Legend

"Another Editorial.

"Urban Legends" ( please thank Lily for this topic) These can be found on a number of web sites."

Go me! Hah. I talked to Dunnick during the critique for the News of the Weird assignment, and I mentioned it'd be cool to do the same thing for urban legends. I also own a book that might as well be a dictionary of urban myths and legends. So maybe I cheated. Anyways. The legend I went with is about a girl who is in the decade that big, poofy, bouffant/beehive type hair styles are popular. She gets tired of redoing it every morning, so she soaks it with hairspray so it's like a helmet(Or soaks it in sugar water, depends on the version.) One morning she doesn't come down to breakfast, and when her parents find her, she apparently died of poisonous spider bites from spiders that nested in her hair(Other version is she was bitten to death by rats, attracted by her sugary hair. Beautiful, right?

I'm amused with the result. Not quite the way I usually draw, I wanted it to look a little more flat shaded and comic booky. I wasn't quite successful, but I'm satisfied with the final product.

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