Thursday, September 20, 2007

Past Work

Just posting some art from the past years, as a start off thing I guess.

2008. Did this mid-junior year. My sister(left) and her friend(right).White pencil on black paper using gridding(You can see some of the lines, since I didn't erase all the graphite before going over with white pencil.)

2007. Early junior year(I think?) Got into an obsession with drawing on black paper, mixed with my addiction to drawing dancers. Uhm, yeah. Prisma color pencils.

2007. Mid-junior year(?). A homework assignment to draw arranged objects. Do I have to say anything more? Graphite pencil.

2005(?). A drawing for two acquaintances(sp?) based on characters they made up.

2007(?). Either late sophomore year or early junior year, I can't remember. This was supposed to be based on lyrics from the Greatful Dead song, Scarlett Begonias.

2007. Did over the summer at the Ringling precollege program. First of a series of three, based on the idea of the maiden, the mother and the crone. I've finished the crone and two versions of the mother, this is the only one I really like though. Sketch colored in photoshop.

2007. Another Ringling precollege. This was from my printmaking class, it's from a copper sheet that was etched with acid. Painted with watercolors.

2007. Another from Ringling print class. The original print was made out of mapboard, then painted with watercolors.

2003. A REALLY old project from my 8th grade year. The assignment was to draw what we thought the other half of a photograph given to us was. This was mine.

2006. A project from mid-junior year, I think. We had to draw ourselves as playing cards, and since I am in fact a girl, I had to do a queen. Queen of Spiders. Complete awesome. Even if it doesn't look much like me. Crayola markers.

2007. A self portrait using gridding of me in my halloween costume from 10th grade year(I think, might've been junior-halloween). This took so freaking long to finish, because it was something to do in between projects, so I'd work on it for maybe an hour tops each week. Finished it near the end of the year. White pencil on black paper.

2007. A class assignment from junior year. We had to do a monochromatic painting, so I did it based on a photo a friend took of another classmate with my camera. Acryllic paints on canvas.

2007. Late junior year, another of my obsessive white-on-blacks using gridding. This one is of me and my friend Jenny(That's two girls in the picture.) White pencils?

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