Friday, October 31, 2008


So yeah, first update in a long while. Sorry for the lack of arts, I actually have several that I just haven't managed to photograph due to having to buy a new camera, then never managing to get around to it. So what I'm updating this with at the moment is a WIP shot of a photoshop painting I'm working on at the moment :]

A friend and I are designing two new characters, based on the His Dark Materials trilogy(Better known for including the Golden Compass book). The basic idea of it, for those who haven't heard of it or read it, is the people in the world of the main character, Lyra, have an animal companion with them, otherwise known as a daemon. It is basically an embodiment of their personality(Think mind, body, heart sort of trio thing). So like a servant would have a dog, because they like to obey. And so on.

My character is named Elise, and she is a Gyptian married to a British man named Owen(My friend's character.) Her daemon is a black-backed jackal named Cassian, and Owen's is a common parakeet named Elarana.

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